History Group

 Next meeting

7 February – 7.30 pm

7 Fry Lane, Forest Range

AGENDA will be posted closer to the meeting

Apologies to – SecretaryFRLHG@gmail.com

From https://cyclehistory.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/merry-christmas/


Membership of the group is currently $20 per year.  Details can be found at our membership page where you can download the form and see payment details.

Dates to remember

  • Membership renewals
  • December 7 6 pm – Members Christmas Dinner – Anderson Hill, Croft Road, Lenswood


 Committee Members

      • Chair: Evelyn Hay – Chairfrlhg@gmail.com
      • Secretary: Jo Shaw  – SecretaryFRLHG@gmail.com
      • Treasurer: Susette Peterson – Treasurerfrlhg@gmail.com
      • General committee members:  Margaret Fry, Evelyn Golding, Gloria Green, Adrian Probert, Kay Stafford, Chris Stafford, Warren Murdoch, Cam Stafford, Peter Stafford, Doug Gillott Henry Van Es, Kym Green.
      • Everyone is welcome to any meeting

Constitution – click here to download


Click on the month to read the minutes from that meeting

2018-2019    November

2017-18   2018 AGM minutes coming   |   September  |   July   |    June  |   May   |   April   |   March   |    February   |   December meeting Anderson Hill   |  November

2016-17    2017 AGM 4 October 2017   |   October   |   August   |    June   |   May   |    March   |    February   |   December meeting Cider Tasting   |  November

2015-16    AGM 6 October 2016   |   September  |  August  |  July  |   June  |  May  |  April   |  March Special Meeting  |  February  |  December   |  November  |   October   |  September  |   August  | 

2014-15    AGM 9 July 2015   |   June  |   May   |   April   |   March  |   February   |   December   |    November   |    October   |    September   |    

Request previous minutes via:  lenswoodforestrange2012@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “History Group

  1. l ordered and paid for that lenswood book which I have not received Iam sure you have not forgotten me. I would have loved to have been there at that picnic but live to far away these days. Graham Vickers

    1. Graham the books for posting were posted at Lenswood Post Office on the Tuesday after the launch (ie last Tuesday). That is not yet a week and Australia Post are now very slow so I don’t anticipate any would yet have been delivered. I am sure it will arrive this week however if the book has not been received in two weeks please let me know and we will ask the Post Office manager at Lenswood for advice. All pre-order books were “pre-order” that is paid before printing and could not be sent until after the launch which was publicised right from the start as 15 October. Pre-order books were given a discount over launch sales for this very reason. Hope that you enjoy it when it gets there.

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